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Оборудование BOSCH (4)

BOSCH CRR 920 Step 3

Full repair of Common Rail injectors systems (CRI) for passenger and commercial vehicles (CRIN). Tools kits for repairment and measurements, testers are grouped in accordance with clients' demands and profiles.

Bosch EPS 100 used in our diesel center for testing injectors, including 2 spring injectors. This german stand allow you to adjust the opening pressure and spraying. Pressure to four hundred bars.

This stand is great for testing injectors P/R/S/T – types and meets ISO-standard 8984.

Thanks to modern BOSCH EPS 100 we can test injectors to opening pressure, indicators of run-out, jet, tightness conical socket and nozzle assembly.


BOSCH EPS 708 which uses our diesel center allows you to test the injectors and fuel pumps common rail by Bosch and other manufacturers.

The amount of fuel that is sprayed determined using electronics, it also serves as pump pressure regulation and flow of oil. In addiction, Bosch was the first who developed a test to measure the stability of the fuel spray. Note that this is the most accurate test, it makes it possible to diagnose various defects of injectors.

The current stand BOSCH EPS 708 has a new system of fixing injectors, which allows to reduce time of installation injectors and enhance security during testing.





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BOSCH EPS 815 in our diesel center is used for diagnostics and tuning of diesel fuel pumps and it’s components. This equipment with continuously variable drive that has electronic controls and regulations of number of turns. It’s suitable for the diagnostics to twelve cylinders.

This stand is used for electronic measurement of angles plunger previous course and start receipt of fuel. After the diagnostics high pressure pump is able to print obtained data.










Юбилей Bosch – 130 лет успеха
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