Elimination of air leaks

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Air leak in the fuel line is very popular breakdowns of modern diesel engines. It is certainly not so critical, but it is better promptly removed. If you find that the problem appears on your vehicle we recommend you to contact the Bosch Diesel Center NEWTON in Cherkassy, our experts will hold all necessary work in a short time.

How to determine the air leak?

The most important feature of air leak can be considered a cold engine insensivity to press the gas pedal and incorrect functioning. The same reaction can be observed at wrong installation of corner of an advancing, but with the complexities with air leak – symptoms are eliminated within 5-7 minutes of starting. If you don’t pay attention to this problem, then start a cold engine each time will be more difficult and the time comes when the car just doesn’t want to wind up.

The main reason of air leak can be called deterioration of fuel components. To eliminate air leak experts of Bosch Diesel Center NEWTON are determine air leak zone, then change and replace clamps, pipe or any element that undergone deterioration. This procedure is quite simple, so financially it is not very costly and depends on the type of damage.

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