Computer diagnostics

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Correct work of vehicle fuel system provides reliable engine starting, economical fuel consumption, power of car, the uniform operation of the engine.

Today there are high requirements for diesel fuel equipment. Here are the main reasons for the failure of the fuel system:

-  Low quality fuel ( fuel + water high pressure heads to breakage of the elements of fuel system)

-  Dirt in the fuel ( sand, dust, shavings from a tank) damage the fuel system components, primarily HPFP plunger

-  Untimely replacement filters or using low quality filters.

-  Before proceeding to check fuel system it is necessary to exclude a number of other reasons that are very similar to damage the fuel system: fuel quality, availability of fuel in the tank, air leak, filter condition, engine condition.

Only after that can safely proceed to the detailed diagnostics of fuel equipment.  Also please note that  modern cars are crammed with electronics. Computer diagnostics at the special equipment by BOSCH allows you to check all the electronic systems of your vehicle, also check the number of actual parameters and identify deviations.

 Computer diagnostics minimizes search time and identification of vehicle malfunctions and assess its general condition, predict possible malfunctions in the future.

After the diagnostic we printout the diagnostic log and our expert will provide detailed conclusions and recommendations.

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