Diagnostics and repair of Common Rail Injector

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Diagnostics Common Rail injectors at stand EPS 708 by BOSCH is to verify it is working on modes, which are appropriate modes of the car. To ensure the conditions in this inspection stand sewn up test plans, belonging exactly to the number of injector.

EPS 708 has about 1200 software test plans for injectors 1-2-3 generation such as CRI and CRIN. Diagnostic results are recorded in the protocols. After decoding protocol we can see complete picture of injector, which allows to draw conclusions regarding suitability for using injector, partial or full repair.


EPS 708 also has the function of generating IMA-code, input which into a control unit of engine ensures proper operation of injectors without self-adaptability. Thanks to this, after repair injectors engine working in the ight mode from his first start.

To repair injectors CRI and CRIN we use special equipment kit BOSCH STAGE 3.

Thanks to this equipment injector is fully restored to factory settings. During repair process using only original spare parts and tuning elements.

After recovery, injector is the same as new one. This confirms by the results of the control diagnostic after repair at the stand EPS 708.


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