Diagnostics and repair of Common Rail high pressure fuel pump

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High mileage and poor quality of used diesel fuel provoke wear of components auto fuel pump. Especially a high probability of breakage occurs when the rate of run cars nearing 200,000 miles. In this case, replacement of a defective pump to work, but have been in use, will not solve the problem.


Repair of high pressure pump nonprofessionals also doomed to failure and will require the owner of car has a large financial wastage. Performed by qualified repair of diesel pumps for many years, we can say with confidence that the professional approach to diagnosis and repair, solved any problem with this component of diesel cars. It is important that bosch fuel pump repaired by professionals using advanced, high-quality equipment. In case of damage, please contact a Bosch Diesel Center Newton, our experts will quickly identify the problem and suggest effective options for its elimination.



Reasons of malfunctions high pressure pump

Incorrect work of the diesel car can have many causes. For example, if an incorrect setting of the angle of injection should recheck the level of deterioration of the housing and plunger driving the change node timing. This problem is solved by replacing the pump housing and plunger of the timing. Pump fuel pump repaired, our specialists pre-run-it on a special test bench and reprogram the vehicle electronics.

The main cause of pollution of diesel fuel system, injectors and pump elements, which leads to malfunction of fuel pump, is the use of low-quality diesel fuel. Importantly, the high pressure fuel pumps are used as diesel fuel and lubricant dynamic elements, and therefore if the grease has mechanical / chemical impurities, its lubricating properties are reduced, which leads to malfunction of the diesel pump.

Where to repair the Fuel Injection Pump of diesel cars?

Effective repair and adjustment of high pressure fuel pumps are possible only on a special Bosch-stand. Just such equipment uses our Diesel Centre! We provide qualified repair high pressure pump and the fuel system, as well as replacement plunger in Cherkassy at affordable prices. Modern technology that we use to diagnose and repair damage to quickly identify and begin to eliminate the problem. We employ only highly qualified professionals with years of experience, they not only eliminate breakage and will make adjustments and provide a binding guarantee for the work done.

BOSCH Diesel Center Newton high pressure pump repairs for cars brands: Mercedes-Benz, Renault, Volkswagen, Kia, Hyundai, Citroen, Fiat, Iveco, BMW, Audi, Case, Volvo, Dodge Nitro, Land Rover, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Peugeot, Vauxhall / Opel, Chevrolet, Man, Massey Ferguson in the city of Cherkassy.

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