Dismantling of coked injectors and glow plug (en)

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Coking of the injectors in the mounting seats of the cylinder head has a number of reasons:

-          Break washers (heat shields) under the injector – a result that carbon deposits from the combustion of fuel rich mixture form a volcano-shaped compound that brakes the washers and promotes leaks of gases from the combustion chamber through the mounting seats of injector body, thereby weakening the bolt which is fixing injector.


-   Contact with moisture in the mounting place of injector on the cylinder head – consequence of that moisture seeps in mounting place of injector and is corrosion of metal and body injector (rust), Very often it occurs due to the design features of the car body (minibuses).

 -   Untimely regular servicing of fuel system – the timely replacement of thermal screens of injector, processing of nonstick paste body injector, etc. 

To avoid problems of coking of the injectors, our experts recommend periodically unmounts injectors and perform their service, which includes:

 -   Cleaning the injector (parts) in ultrasonic bath

 -   Diagnostics on a special stand 

-   Replacement of thermal screens 

-   Lubrication by nonstick paste 

-   Cleaning of mounting seats under the injector (if necessary)


Also please note the service of complicated dismounting glow plugs. There are several reasons of coking and breaking off glow plugs in the cylinder head: 

-   Water - moisture gets between the body of glow plug and cylinder head

 -   Excessive voltage (overheating) – glow plug on 12V runs on 24V 

-   Malfunction of the generator and regulator (relay glow plugs) 

-   Wrong point of spraying fuel injector (breach of tightness of injector) 

-   Malfunction engine control unit 

-   Interruptions in the injector 

-   Damage to carving the hole in the cylinder head 

-   Incorrect mounting glow plug 

-   Using wrong tool for the installation glow plug

 -   Using glow plugs not fit the car


Dismantling of coking injectors and glow plugs is carried with special equipment. 

Please note that this procedure takes place without removing the cylinder Head and without damage directly by car. 

This minimizes the financial and time costs for the work performed. We recommended that  you do periodic maintenance injectors and glow plugs: 

For passenger cars – every 100000 km; 

For vans and SUVs – every 50000 km; 

For trucks – every 100000-150000 km


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